We love to surprise you!

With us your travelers will have the chance to discover an amazing country full of culture and life. Ask your customers to share with us their ideal stay in Spain and we will be delighted to prepare a special program for them searching the most suitable activities, hotels, restaurants, sightseeing tours and visits, always with the appropriate and most professional team: Tour managers, chauffeurs, personal assistants, touristic guides… Anything they wish will be our unique mission to get their happiness.

Let us introduce you some of the programs that we can create for you:

  • SCHOOL TRIPS & SUMMER CAMPS for students
  • HONEY MOON PROGRAMS in selected hotels
  • ITINERARIES FOR LEISURE GROUPS adapted to the Nationality
  • TRIPS FOR FAMILIES  with special products for locals
  • VIP SERVICES BY b:VIP -Barcelona VIP Services-

Don’t hesitate to contact us to get your proposal, please send us a request and our team will get in touch with you in 24h.

Medical Trips

If your wish is to travel to Spain for a medical visit, we have a wide offer of specialists that can assist you with their proffessional knowledge and experience. We will collect your medical history to send it to them before arranging the visit and required tests. If you are looking for a surgery we have an agreement with the best private clinics in Spain.

Football Camps

Let them play and learn! Our agreement with Real Madrid Foundation will provide an intensive program to enjoy football inside a professional environment using the best techniques while sharing with other kids this amazing experience. Don´t hesitate to request the Calendar to book a place!

School Trips

Spain means culture and heritage, being influenced by a historical co-existence of Christians, Muslims and Jews. We are specialized in preparing tailor made programs for students. According to their age we will chose the most convenient cities to explore and arrange the cultural tours and activities to enjoy the trip while learning.

Incentive Groups

Enjoy Spain in a different way. Our team will prepare an active program where all the staff will have to participate and improve their skills to get the better results. Different objectives will be reached with the activities we will design for you. The environment and the location will make this trip unique and special and will be complemented with the corporate event and meeting rooms you might need to approach your goals.

Honeymoon Programs

For this trip don´t leave anything unexpected. Trust us to show you the romantic face of Spain. Cities like Córdoba or Granada will surprise you, the islands will make you feel free in a quiet atmosphere, Barcelona and Madrid will give you the chance to do good shopping and enjoy the gastronomy apart from visiting the main spots and tourist places. Our programs start with 7 days but they can be as long as you wish!

Vip Services

Travelling with all kind of luxury services makes a big difference in your trip and we know that. Not only 5*hotels will provide you the perfect stay, a personalized assistance will make it possible arranging any services you might require: Private transfers, tour guides, bookings for dinners and activities or tickets for a football match. For us the most important aim is to treat you as you deserve.